16chan has finally launched a secure Matrix community group, for those interested check out: 16chan.xyz/.static/pages/irc.h

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If this is a true pandemic we should want an open forum of debate amongst medical professionals on anything that can help

@George Happy to hear that a level-headed and astute person runs this instance. It's incredible how ravaged Mastodon has become. This platform has so much potential, the people that maintain it, and run the huge instances genuinely bring it down.

Great article about some of the issues that plague Mastodon: blog.alexgleason.me/gab-block/ very sad that free speech and holding certain views results in censorship and removal. This platform has such a great amount of potential but it's being destroyed by 'revolutionaries.' 1984 is becoming more of a reality every single day...

After months of procrastination, I finally updated the blog, I'll be hopefully posting to it more often nowadays: im663.com/

After a tremendous amount of procrastination, I'm finally going to start porting over the 16chan front-end to LynxChan 2.4.x, there will be several fixes, and changes coming in the near future.

I've sucessfully setup the Mastodon/Twitter crossposter and will be primarily posting from Mastodon now. The official 16chan Mastadon account is rcsocial.net/@16chan


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