Great article about some of the issues that plague Mastodon: very sad that free speech and holding certain views results in censorship and removal. This platform has such a great amount of potential but it's being destroyed by 'revolutionaries.' 1984 is becoming more of a reality every single day...

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This is a problem in the fediverse. Some number (maybe half or more?) of sites oppose respectful free speech. They are unable to tolerate opposing views, even ones held for all time up to now.

However, the title of the linked article is misleading. "Mastodon" did not deplatform anyone. The user chose a single Mastodon site with rules he/she didn't agree with. They just need to pick a better site or start their own.

Ultimately, the thought police will isolate themselves into their own echo chamber. They simply can not tolerate the free exchange of viewpoints.

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