Thinking of the Fermi Paradox...If there were a large number of other intelligent life out there, what are things about our situations that would be outliers when compared about other worlds? Things like gravity, being warm blooded, having a single moon, etc.? What would you put on or remove from that list?

Who here already knows about /r/LatinMassCatholicism?

* No conspiracy theory.
* Long posts and videos require a tl;dr.
* No moderation bottleneck of new users.

We are looking for two moderators to help, if you know anyone who would be a good candidate!

These are the house designs that builders need to be reusing if they want to solve the affordable housing crisis. Efficient layout, inexpensive to build, narrow lot constraints, and an actual home (not an apartment) that a couple can feel comfortable starting a family.

@52fighters I’ve never met a Catholic bookstore operator who wasn’t a good person. I will pray.

A new subreddit for those who love the traditional Latin Mass and all tradition-minded Catholics!

Putin, come out from your bunker. Walk the streets of Russia. If you are not afraid of your people.

Tucker Carlson is a 5th column enemy of the American people. Sadly, Russia has hijacked legitimate political movements to subvert our people and the freedom of others. It will not end in Ukraine.

This hit-piece by the NYT is trying to con @duckduckgo into curating search results for political reasons. I hope they don't fall for it! Stay neural, stay, free, stay honest!

In this crisis with Russia & Ukraine, Poland has shown her wisdom and strength. I was expected to be disappointed by Germany but I am unexpectedly & especially disappointed with Hungary.

@neanderthalsnavel To be clear, I'm not excusing any misdeeds of Lincoln. He broke laws and had his own set of problems. The confederates just make his job easier by failing to negotiate the issue of federal land in newly succeeded states and impatiently going to war to remove them. They took a risk when they could have waited out the issue.

I am told that Lutherans use a calendar much more similar to the one used with the Traditional Latin Mass than the Modern Rite. In the name of Ecumenism, let's encourage the rite that uses the traditional calendar!

Anyone know of a very smart, very trainable, low-energy dog breed? From what I've seen, energy and dog intelligence seem correlated.

If I were a parish priest, I'd publish ytd baptism numbers in the weekly bulletin with a comparison to recent years and a 5% (or more if I'm in a new development) growth objective.

I had a very old laptop whose hard drive went kaput and I couldn't get anything to work on it. Until now. Amazingly AntiX installed and ran just fine!

@fdroidorg I'm getting errors in OpenDocuments Reader. See screenshot. The programmer also referenced me to this explanation:

"Who gives you the day will give you also the things necessary for the day."
~ Saint Gregory of Nyssa

So frustrating that many gmail users are unaware that emails from small independent mail servers are regularly dumped into spam, have attachments and/or links dropped, and then get annoyed at me for it. Especially in non-tech circles, they often don't believe it's even possible.

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