Communist is the source of : "Video shows Wuhan lab scientists admit to being bitten by bats."

A good way to fight against #Facebook's anti-privacy ways is to ditch #WhatsApp today.

This is already happening in droves since there is a "share data with Facebook or else" in play.

There are better solutions. They don't need to be perfect, but they should be encrypted as a start and weigh your options for other needs.

One thing to avoid is texting over SMS as an alternative, as this is not secure.

The first revolutionary is Satan, who was the first to reject Logos and God's hierarchy in creation. Same-sex abusers are thus the children of Satan, and serve him through committing the sin of Sodom, a sin so evil it calls for Hell to be brought down upon earth.

The media presidential halos are back after a four year absence. This one from USA Today.

This is the table created by the National Catholic Bioethics Center comparing the ethics of the various Covid-19 Vaccines. #WorldOver #Catholic #EWTN

Full-List of bots:

The Josias is one of the best online. Intelligent, sourced, and great intro/exit music. Can't recommend enough.

What are the most useful accounts on the fediverse? I am new here and looking to fill-in some content.

I saw the Mozilla VPN is now available on Linux but it say only Ubuntu. Does anyone know if that'll work for Ubuntu derivatives like Linux Mint?

Placing congressmen on no-fly lists?!?! This is getting out of control. This does nothing to help the situation.

A tip for newcomers: if you want to follow someone but don't want to see their "retweets" (called "boosts" here), you can tap "hide boosts" from the three dot button on their profile.


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