Social Security retirement age should be a function on how many children you have. The more children, the younger age you qualify for retirement. Future workers are the only way to keep our system solvent.

I think we as a society messed up when we made the weekend Saturday and Sunday. It should have been Sunday and Monday. I think I could get a lot more done at home on a Monday after a day of rest than I can on a Saturday after a week of work.

There's still a good many of us who have never gotten COVID and have never been vaccinated.

Maybe it is homeschooling or maybe it is just my parenting but it seems my children are a lot more egalitarian than the kids we know who attend public school. For them, there seems to be no status associated with where you live or what you do for a living. It seems that this is working toward their picking careers without a sense of shame or honor, rather by what they sincerely wish to do with their lives.

Economists say homeownership is the principle driver of middle class wealth. Maybe that's true on paper but you cannot do much with your house to enjoy that wealth. The bigger driver seems to be a question of if your parents owned a house. Their deaths meaning a few $100k extra passing to the next generation does a lot to setup the next generation. Low ownership rates of millennials probably bodes poorly for their children.

Kansas has the most important pro-life election in the country right now and very few churches aside from the Catholic Church are participating. When the rubber meets the road even the evangelicals and Mormons are afraid to upset their liberal members.

The Church has authority from God to teach. My mom's liberal friend is a Catholic and she said she'd vote for the amendment because the Church asked her to. It's that simple: Lead.

Wars are costly and no one on the right is willing to finance a civil war. Not in money, not in organization, and not in the blood of Americans that would be spilt. All solutions must be political.

When did coaching how to withstand peer pressure for middle schoolers become news that's necessary to direct toward adults? USA Today advises how to say "No" to alcohol.

If all I knew of someone is that they have a degree in philosophy, I'd probably offer them a job. Philosophy majors tend to be very intelligent but still under-paid. Inversely, I would never hire a political science major. Too many being the debate to the workspace, causing division.

Anyone out there have or know someone who has Neuromyotonia?

What's the best PDF software? Something a little more than just a reader. Like a signature and basic editing.

Who should I follow on here that I'm not likely already following?

Something recently started quickly draining my Android phone's battery. Is there a good app or tool that'll help me track down the culprit?

Something recently started quickly draining my Android phone's battery. Is there a good app or tool that'll help me track down the culprit?

What is it about teleology and emergentism that seems to define our world by how they dance around each other?

Over the past decade I've read of NATO vs. Russia war games that always resulted in Russian victory. Now I'm wondering if the results of war games are themselves aimed at creating Russian over-confidence and a lack of incentive to properly prepare for war.

Does anyone here have any opinions of Void Linux?

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