2/2 This means the Pope doesn't look like 'bad guy' while implementing non-traditional Catholic rules, like gay marriage OK, abortion OK, divorce OK, etc. It lets the Pope say: "Well the Bishops wanted it." In reality, he appoints a small cabal of Bishops who drive through the Pope's way, and these Synods rubber stamp it. It's bad.

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They aren't even trying to hide it anymore: Facebook-backed group launches misinformation adjudication panel in Australia | Reuters

So it was all true about the fetus in the vaxx.

Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There'

We must be prepared in the event of a blackout!
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Resigned? The correct term is FIRED! The trash that run these places are just trying to get out of paying unemployment.

Business owners in North Carolina: Hire these people and pay them good wages! These are the real healthcare heroes. Now they need us to step-up and find them a post-healthcare career.


The NSA and CIA Use Ad Blockers Because Online Advertising Is So Dangerous 

Why yes we have brand name medications for the side effects of our brand name vaccine and profits are booming.

Public service announcement:

Today is a great day to move your email from 'bigmailers' (Gmail, Outlook, etc) to a smaller party. Or if you are feeling adventurous, host a mailserver yourself and give friends and family an account too :flan_hacker:

#decentralize #breakbigmailers #activism #email

Peer reviewed journal articles being automatically more valuable than another article on the internet is a crock. It's an effing echo chamber! Publishing a statement saying *we ran the same test and received the same output* is one thing (which isn't done much, btw). But "experts" agreeing with assertions of other "peer experts" is b.s.

Israel has unintentionally provided us with the best example of control group on a large scale through their apartheid regime

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