@52fighters It's just stunning right?

It makes you think too. If you had, say, $200k before the pandemic and now have $250k from working and saving, well you aren't 20% richer. Actually you are a lot poorer because the money supply exploded. So, who got all that money?

I've been working so hard my whole life, first at school and then work, to build a stable foundation for my family, in the face of high taxes, high regulations, high cost of living, discriminatory "affirmative action" programs at each step of the ladder... and then the fed just prints money for bankers and billionaires. So frustrating

@52fighters America has a very "late stage empire" feel right now. It's becoming harder and harder to build anything (or even maintain the things that work) and more people are interesting in just skimming off what they can, and there's a whole class of educated, non-productive people who seem to revel in doing whatever they can to destabilize the system or pervert the moral foundations of the country.

Mostly, I'm just playing the really long game with the hopes that one day 30 years from now some people will look up and think, "wow Columbkille and his family seem to have their act together, while my family is a total mess. Maybe there's something I'm missing here."

@Columbkille @52fighters We are just trying to make sure to do our duty and propel our DNA that has survived this far into the future, save the souls attached to it, and have the programming to repeat the same generational work. My moron ancestors did enough to get by, but the playbook they left behind was pretty weak to non-existent.

@Columbkille @52fighters Getting run over by a street car while drunk in the middle of the day is a type of "Danger-Be-Here" mark on the map, I guess. So we don't run that play anymore. :-)

@neanderthalsnavel @52fighters Luckily, if you keep the faith, you can tap into thousands of years of wisdom on the human condition, and that helps.

You raise a good point, which is the primary goal of any civilization is really to raise the next generation properly. Each generation since WW2, we seem to have a smaller number of people who are raised in functioning homes with a good moral foundation, and a larger number of people raised in unstable homes and moral confusion. (And a smaller number period.) So the productive capacity of each generation of smaller than the last, and the number of poorly functioning people is larger.

We've actually been papering over this for decades with immigration, which worked for a while when the immigrants were high functioning, but then recently in the past few decades there's been this ideological push to just have open borders and put everyone on welfare (for a bunch of reasons that boil down to the left literally wanting to create problems, because they are happier when things are non-functioning because it gives them more ammunition to attack Western Civ.). So now we're failing on both fronts simultaneously -- each generation is more messed up than the last, and a greater portion of our immigrants are of the non-skilled variety rather than the "just let me get up by my bootstraps" variety. It's really quite a mess.

@Columbkille @52fighters 100% agree! Like minded ppl will turn into clans again and are going to have to build walls again for a few hundred (or more) years.

@neanderthalsnavel @52fighters These things comes in waves. Things go down, then back up again. Those that build their lives on rock will do better when the storms come, and that's all you can do.

My family has gotten through famines, invasions, communism, refugee camps, etc. I come from survivors and intend to push my way through this too.

@Columbkille @52fighters Right now, the good stuff is just not convenient to acquire or participate in. Not impossible. Just not as convenient. So it's really only "whaaa. It takes more time" Which isn't that bad, actually.

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