For example, what is the cost of hosting a server with a few hundred people?

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I'm thinking about helping my college set up its own instance of Mastodon to help the students attending virtually to connect with students on-campus. Any thoughts or things I should know about while pitching this or setting it up?

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United Nations: there needs to be "no place for misinformation on social media platforms"

The UN has a new campaign to deal with social media posts.

>“It is encouraging to see steps already taken by social media platforms, such as swiftly removing misinformation surrounding COVID-19, flagging harmful content, questioning sharing intentions and also promoting sound health advice, including from the World Health Organization (WHO),” said Melissa Fleming, UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications.

Well after two weeks back at Mass both of my priests have contracted the Novel Coronavirus (but are asymptotic) and have cancelled are church activities for the next two weeks while they self isolate.

Don't realize that violence only legitimizes the State's existence; especially the *police*? Don't want the State or its police around? Then practice self-control and self-government. Govern yourself so that others don't have to.

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Docking confirmed – Crew Dragon has arrived at the @space_station!

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We are famous now! :)

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I just got an e-mail on the QOTO admin e-mail asking to post a sponsored paid-advertisement style post to our timeline. They asked how much it would cost and what my paypal is.

I told them one million dollars per post.

Once I receive the money I'll split it with all you on the server, we gonna be rich! :)

This was the view from my house in philly just a few hours ago before the sun went down. The rioting is serious and the whole sit is on fire now!

I cant believe I'm dealing with this shit and was called racist and "victim blaming" for say calling our rioters as immoral actors! My fucking city is on fire now!

#uspol #riots #GeorgeFloyd #protests

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