Pray the Rosary every day.
For peace in the world and in the heartsbof all humanity.

Yesterday I taught 6 hours of Catechism to 2 officers and 1 hour of pre-marriage to a sailor and fiancée. Busy but so fulfilling when people are so thirsty to learn and know the faith. They want so much to know EVERYTHING immediately. Esp Mass and Rosary.

"If you are aware of God’s presence, high above the deafening storm, the sun will always be shining on you; and deep below the roaring and destructive waves, peace and calm will reign in your soul."

St Josemaria Escriva

Was able to get to confession for the first time since I left India 15 March. I have never gone so long without Confession... 3 months.

72 hour fast comes to an end. Offered it for those who have lost work by the millions in India, Pakistan and many African countries with no social net and therefore can buy no food.
A special thank you to @TheBrometheus for his help.

My "home office". A special thank you to @JohnZwicker1 for the blessed (JPII) image of the Sacred Heart now on my desk. Prayer card of JHN has a relic.

When you speak of the faith speak clearly. In so doing those who don't know the Gospel message will come to an understanding. And those who have confusion will be enlightened.

Requiem Mass said at noon for the faithful departed with no Funeral Mass during the pandemic.

Canadian Armed Forces Day.
Journée des Forces armées canadiennes.

I am very proud to serve with the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Air Force and the Rangers.

Mass times tomorrow, Sunday, 7 June.
Trinity Sunday. Eastern Time

Horaire des messes demain, dimanche le 7 juin. Heure de l'est.
Dimanche de la Sainte Trinité.

0800 en français
0900 English
1000 TLM/EF Latin

via Periscope and Twitter @BradBradsweet

Offer to God your entire day.
All of each of us.
Nothing held back.
No divided hearts.

God's blessings to everyone this weekend.

I have been grateful that during the lock down that I have been able to continue the teaching of the faith for officers wanting to be confirmed (3) and for marriage preparation(1 couple). Nothing has inhibited sacramental preparation. And preparation provides hope.

Grateful to all those who watch the live stream Masses on Sunday (1200+ this week).

I know and understand how it isn't the same as being in Church and we all miss the sacraments.

Prayers are offered for you every day and at every Mass.

Sundays and Obligatory Holy Days I live stream Masses during the Lockdown. The Garrison chapel has been closed since I came back from India in March. Any can watch. It is live streamed via Persicope and Twitter

Masses are:
0800 français OF
0900 English OF
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