"Declines in fertility and marriage rates can be taken not just as indications that something may be wrong with the economy or housing policy or college debt, but as problems in themselves."



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If that wasn’t enough reason to stop using #firefox, this should be:

“We need more than deplatforming”


Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms.

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750 Bases In 80 Countries Is Too Many For Any Nation: Time For The US To Bring Its Troops Home


DOD is less than forthcoming about the number of bases it maintains overseas. For example, the Pentagon has long claimed it has only one base in Africa – in Djibouti. But research shows that there are now around 40 installations of varying sizes on the continent; one military official acknowledged 46 installations in 2017.”

No other country in human history has had such a dominant presence. Great Britain was the leading colonial power, but its army was small. London had to supplement its own troops with foreign mercenaries, as in the American Revolution. In wars with great powers Britain provided its allies with financial subsidies rather than soldiers.

Catholics: We are called to live our faith in communities and our daily lives.

Are you a member of a Catholic or Christian group outside of your parish? Why or why not and which ones?

I am not but I probably should. My excuse is busy-ness though at least some is sloth. I do occasionally participate in parish events and have parish friends though, and live in walking distance to my Church (on purpose, we waited for a house that fit the bill). My kids go to parish school and CYO sports.

Most of your money exists not as something folded in your wallet, but as an entry in a bank’s database, faithfully requested and rendered beneath the glass of your phone.

If someone else gets to decide *if* and *how* you can spend it, is it really yours?


I think I've got my Halloween party menu figured out.
Whatcha think?

I always start every party with a charcuterie

In the late 1950s James Marston Fitch and Daniel P. Branch measured temperatures in traditional adobe homes in the U.S. Southwest. You really do not need air conditioning in a house built like this: the interior temperature is stable. (Example of a traditional home to the right.)

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"It's more difficult to rule yourself than a city."

- Jordan Peterson (paraphrasing Proverbs)

When anybody says that something is here to stay, they are almost always wrong. Yes the supply chain is suffering traffic jams and moving very slowly. It will take time to work through it but thousands of people are working to find creative ways around it and for permanent solutions. problems are always opportunities.



"You are in chaos, Data. You are the contradiction: a machine who wishes to be human."

It's not even about race really. These people will ultimately never be happy unless everyone is as miserable and maladjusted as they are:

It's funny, but completely wrong. #capitalism is not built on "human rights", "equality" or "social justice" and doesn't claim to be. It's built upon private property and individual freedom, and does better than any other system we've found to reduce poverty.

Facebook is suggesting Congress create rules for the internet. Yay. What could go wrong?

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