A lot of people, including myself, are concerned now about the state of our country and culture. I understand the feeling. For an individual, though, I think the best way to effect change is to live well:

1. Keep faith in Christ and build your life on rock.
2. Work hard (but not to the point of making work your idol).
3. Avoid consuming junk (junk products that waste your money, junk culture that wastes your time and pollutes your mind or junk food that destroys your health).
4. Invest the surplus in yourself, your family and your community, (especially your local parish).
5. Build a web of skills (cooking, home repair, personal finance, computers) that make you more competent at handling life's adversity.
6. Pick hobbies that allow for production and growth (spiritual, mental and physical), such as reading, gardening, and making music.
7. Build rich social connections, especially "IRL."

Then, if adversity comes, and at some point it will for us all, whether it be from culture wars or cancer, you'll be as prepared as you can to meet it with grace -- and to come out stronger.

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