I'd like to migrate e-mail away from Google. I want usability, good privacy (but don't need Edward Snowden level), longevity (if I switch, it may be for decades) , reasonable pricing ($10-20 per year) and ability to upgrade to professional features if I start my own business.

I have a free Tutanota account but I am wondering if something like would be more useable?

@Columbkille No specific suggestion other than 2 mods to your requirements. (1) a service provider that is likely to last and to do so independently and (2) remove the privacy requirement.

There is no really private SMTP email. Rob Braxman has some good videos on this and other security subjects here:

@George Thanks, yeah I love Rob Braxman but just got into him recently so haven't seen this video. For privacy, I don't necessarily mean full privacy, but more than I can get from Google.
Basically, I don't want AI bots scanning my mail and giving me a Google social score based on them, and I can't trust Google not to pull something like that.

I heard Tutanota doesn't use SMTP given its unique design, etc. But I don't know the details.
I'm pretty nerdy for a lawyer but basically a normie as far as real tech people go.

I'll watch the Youtube and dig around a bit more. I feel like security / privacy is going to be a process, one step at a time.

@Columbkille I've been a professional user for years. No provider is really 100% secure, but they make import, export, and management of your data easy, with great support for mail, contacts, calendars and a load of bonus features.

@mrsean2k Thanks. Fastmail looks nice, but $5 a month is significantly more than Tutanota or Mailbox. What's the value proposition -- is it more usable (fewer outages, more features, etc.)?

@Columbkille hard question to answer if you don't already have a pressing need for a business service. I do already, so the cost of the premium version is very small compared to the cost of unexpected outages / security breaches etc. They've been going for around 20 years and I've been with them longer than a decade with no service outages or security breaches that I can recall. I use their WebDAV access as a Dropbox replacement and use their DNS for my domains...

@Columbkille ... I notice there's no free version now, something I hadn't appreciated, so you don't really get a chance to try them out. I had several accounts to migrate with substantial amounts of data, contacts etc, and it was trouble free to migrate.

@Columbkille I've been using the free tier of CTemplar for a few months now and haven't had any problems. All the mail is stored encrypted on their servers which does make things a little slower. If you go on their subreddit and ask for an invite code they'll usually get you one pretty quick.

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