@Columbkille Is american manufacturing output severely restricted? No. Are americans getting richer at all? No. Ergo, inflation is not going to happen.

@benis What about money printer go brrrr... Won't increases in money supply cause inflation?

@Columbkille did the 2600 USD you received change your life in any way?

@benis No. But I am not a normie when it comes to finances. I just assume normies would spend it all, which would drive inflation.

Anyways the stimulus checks are only part of it. Hasn't there been a big surge in money supply more generally (due to acts of the federal reserve, increases in bank lending, etc.)?

@Columbkille my opinion as an amateur in this field is that nothing that has happened so far will lead to real asset price inflation. I'll leave it here because I need to sleep now.

@benis Ok, question for later. Haven't we already seen asset price inflation? Aggregate S&P500 P/E ratio is already pushing 40. Add that to weird things like crypto surges and real life issues such as huge spikes in lumber prices, etc.

@Columbkille by "real assets" I mean tangible goods like groceries, cars and the like; apologies if I caused confusion but as you can tell English is not my native language.

About lumber: raw materials' prices have always been hard to predict because of the myriad factors that affect them, so I can't speak one way or the other in this case
@benis @Columbkille

inflation will happen if new money is printed

increasing amount of currency in circulation
@Emperor1 @Columbkille nobody actually believes that, it's just a short soundbite passed off to the common man to make him fear a lively economy

@Columbkille with our luck it’ll probably hit right when the Republican gets in in 2024 😂🤦‍♂️

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