If you support an "America First" foreign policy it's unstrategic to unreservedly support Israel.

They have made a lot of enemies, and those enemies have some legitimate grievances. So when we stick our necks in these situations, suddenly the blowback comes on us, for no strategic gain for OUR nation.

That doesn't mean you need to approve of people who want to wipe the Israel off the map, etc. It just means they are not the 51st state, just one of many countries, and they are big boys and girls and can fight their own battles.

Let's not even get into the double-standards of how groups like the ADL treat things like immigration and voter ID in the USA vs. how they treat them in Isreal. It's enough to note that there are lots of countries in the world, and we should stay out of their fights unless there's a critical strategic objective that would benefit ordinary American people. (Pro-tip: Despite the fanatical insistence of the warmonger lobby, there almost never is.)

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