My daughter was playing with her toy castle today and the King was sitting in the main room running the kingdom. "Phone calls and e-mails! Phone calls and e-mails!"

I think I've already convinced her not to go to law school and she's only seven.

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@Columbkille I believe The King needs to hire more staffers! Even Harry, the artist formerly known as a Prince, isn't allowed to *directly* tweet to his steaming former subjects.

@neanderthalsnavel The King does need more staffers! We are but a small kingdom, and resources are limited.

@Columbkille Print more fiat currency and raise taxes! C'mon guys. Get with the program! lol!

@neanderthalsnavel Good news, subjects. You're all millionaires! I've printed off a whole fresh round of Kingbucks. Also, our banks are no longer required to have minimum reserves to lend, so if you need anymore, just ask!

Nothing could possibly go wrong, it's a foolproof plan! 😁

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