Remember this in five years:

Bill Gates didn't kill himself. 💡

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@Columbkille ooohhh! Good one!!! Didn't think of that. I've been trying to figure out what possible bigger bully took him down and why. It's gotta be old blue blood generational money.

@neanderthalsnavel Apparently he was much more involved with Epstein than was originally suggested. And we know Epstein, through Ghislaine Maxwell, was a Mossad agent and that they taped everything. I am guessing those tapes made their way to Melinda somehow and she had enough. As to who specifically is trying to take him down and why, I don't know, but it seems like someone is and that they have dirt on him.

At this point, we know through Epstein that Israel has been systematically compromising and blackmailing our politicians and business leaders. We know through the Hunter Biden laptop (as well as similar things that happened to the Bushes) that the CCP is doing the same. We know Epstein didn't kill himself and that the story concocted about the security guards being mysteriously absent and the cameras not working for one of the most sensitive prisoners in decades was BS.

Lots of other chicanery going on too. Interesting times we live in.

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