Job update: I agreed to take the new job. I should get an offer letter today or tomorrow, and then I'll tell my company Monday.

Stress levels down. I'm really excited!

It will be more work and more commute, but I can deal with the commute via podcasts, etc. and the work is going to be interesting and a great opportunity.

Now to get the offer letter, rip of the bandaid with the current employer and celebrate. 😎

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@Columbkille Congrats!

I listen to a lot of podcasts including all the EWTN Open Line hosts, David Ander's Called to Communion (also EWTN), Catholic Answers Live (and Focus), Peter Herbeck's Fire on the Earth, Phil Gigliotti's Gift to Grace, Msgr. Charles Pope's homilies, Fr. John Ricardo (Christ is the Answer and Acts XXIX), Scott Hahn's Road to Emmaus, Edward Sri's All Things Catholic, Matthew Leonard's The Art of Catholic and a few more.

Every now and then I break things up with something non-Catholic specific such SQPN podcasts (especially Jimmy Akin's Mysterious World) or Mike Rowe's The Way I Heard It.

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