Update: Just got a job offer that all-in (e.g., if I get the significant portion of the pay that is bonus-based) will be more than double my current job.

@52fighters I think it will be a good fit. It is similar to what I do now, but private sector instead of government. My commute though will go up from a five minute drive to almost an hour.
Oomph. So it is not a costless decision.

@Columbkille @52fighters

Congratulations on the new job! I used to have a client that I drove 5 hours round trip to see. I became a fan of joe Rogan's podcast during that time since the podcasts were lengthy and I could listen to one full episode on each leg of the drive.

@Tinyhouse4life @52fighters I used to watch him on Youtube and then stopped with the switch to Spotify. I may restart but there are plenty of other people who are independent and it's nice to support them instead.


I do miss him on YouTube.
Most of the time I just listen but there are episodes that I would like see their body language. I have yet to figure out how to watch video on spotify. If you care to, I would love some new suggestions for podcasts.


@Tinyhouse4life @52fighters My favorites right now are:

Jordan Peterson
Rod Dreher (General Eclectic)
Aaron Renn (Masculinist -- but really it's intellectual analysis and rarely about specifically men's issues)

Others I have on the deck, which I just watch from time to time:

Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend
Jocko Podcast
Art of Manliness
Catholic Man Show
Daily Discipline
Bigger Pockets
Bishop Barron
Fr. Longenecker
Tim Ferris
Wall Street Journal What's News
Steve Turley, Turley Talks

There's a few others I listen to more rarely or are on the deck but I haven't tried out if you want a large list.

What about you? I like to have a bunch of different options and some of them I just then pick based on whose the guest, etc.

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@Tinyhouse4life @52fighters Pretty much everyone on that list is male (except I do also listen to Mikhaila Peterson from time to time), and I'd like to get suggestions for female podcasters to broaden the list out a bit.

@Columbkille @Tinyhouse4life My commute to work is a 5 minute walk so I've never gotten into podcasts.

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