Lord, please comfort the family and friends of Aaron Salter and Pearly Young, killed this weekend in a senseless, racist murder spree. Please guide their souls towards You for eternity.

Please guide your children away from hatred and radicalization and towards love for You and all your children.

Hi young people of the fediverse:

Since most career advice is useless, I thought I would spend 10 minutes providing more accurate advice than you will likely get from any number of paid career advisers or guidance counselers.

Forget all the jazz about finding your bliss or Meyers-Briggs. You should just focus on finding something that gets you as close as possible to the center of this Venn Diagram as possible, and then save as much money as you can:

Arlington, VA. Construction boom ongoing as the Amazon juggernaut rolls on.

Last weekend off Hoopers Island in the Chesapeake Bay, MD. Only other boats we saw all morning was a crab boat and this fisherman and his dog.

This dog is in the 0.001% of dogs. He’s like the dog version of a billionaire. What a good boy. 😀

That’s a Pelican in the third pic.

Thank you to the German government for producing this handy graphic of the few people on Twitter that actually have independent thoughts.

(Leaving Richard Spencer aside, he legitimately sucks.)

If I were a litigator, I would obliterate these hospitals with lawsuits.

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