Washington, DC with the Capitol in the distance. Remember to check in with security before entering. 😉

Washington, DC. The height limit creates a flat skyline with many roofdecks.

Look in the distance, there are nine cranes around Union Station (NOMA / Union Market) in particular.

The building continues, covid notwithstanding.

"Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,
There’s always laughter and good red wine.
At least I’ve always found it so.
Benedicamus Domino!"

-- Hilaire Belloc

Happy Sunday

As home work week comes to a close, other projects:

Repair rotting wood in doors and repaint. (Dad helped me with that.)

Power wash, fill carpenter bee holes and stain kid play set.

Oomph. I'm tired and ready for vacation phase 2 (beach).

OK, project organize the garage pushes into phase 2. Bought, assembled, mounted and filled another shelving unit!

I used to store things on top of things and have to play hopscotch to reach the back, so this is great! Even have some extra room for supplies for new (hopefully more fun) projects...

Message to the teenagers and twentysomethings reading this:

Work to get a job that pays well. Keep your savings low. Invest the difference. If you start young, the compounding will be dramatic.

Demolition Derby in rural PA on Saturday night. Compare the physique of the Mennonite guys walking in front with the rest of the crowd.

Late modernity is corrosive to mind, body and spirit. Fight it (like the Mennonites do).

Minor victory: shelving in garage purchased, installed, mounted and filled.

Crushing the suburban dad thing. 👨‍🔧

Despite our many mistakes, our neighbors in the Pacific are MORE likely to want to align with the USA than China.

It appears this trend started before Trump or Covid and has been ongoing for several years.

Given how imperious the Chinese can be, perhaps all we need to do to maintain our alliances and trade partners is just be slightly less jerky than them?

That would be good, because it's a pretty low bar that we may actually be able to get over.

Not as nice as some of the spectacular photos I see on here, but our front walk flowers are coming in nicely this year.

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