I don't get the whole "hot female soldiers with guns" thing. I mean I am not opposed to women serving but wandering around with kit and ammo doesn't seem sexy to me. I like feminine women and I think most guys do too.

Lets not even get into the weirdness of right wing Americans cheering hot Israeli women soldiers. I mean, again, they are entitled to an army if they want one. No hate. But its not my country so its really not my fight. I would just rather we extricate ourselves from the whole region and let them figure it out.

@fikran yes, its a great power source though I fear it is only a matter of time before someone sets a nucleaer bomb off. We aren't the brightest species, particularly when we are mad at each other. 😔

@fikran oh so there's no sort of nuclear nonproliferation arguments and its just about the business deal?

In that case its interesting but I don't really care.

Washington, DC with the Capitol in the distance. Remember to check in with security before entering. 😉

Washington, DC. The height limit creates a flat skyline with many roofdecks.

Look in the distance, there are nine cranes around Union Station (NOMA / Union Market) in particular.

The building continues, covid notwithstanding.

@alexmcculley19 I feel like there was a de facto alliance already.

In any case good points. China is a threat vis-à-vis how they treat other nations, but our civil liberties are being threatened at home. While I'm happy to live here and not there, I'd prefer we focus on expanding freedom here than worrying about their government over there.

Great essay in First Things by Joshua Katz, the Princeton professor that is being character assassinated by the woke:


@grips In terms of big picture motivation, if you get a piece of paper it will probably lead to higher income. You will learn some things and also getting the paper shows you've learned the skill of persistence and are willing to jump through hoops when appropriate. Which is a requirement of any high paying job.

In terms of implementation, there are lots of strategies that can help. Two key ones.
First, download an app like todoist. Doing a brain dump into that will reduce stress and also help break down big tasks into small ones, which is how they get digested. Second, read getting things done by David Allen. You don't need to follow it like a Bible but its a great introduction to "systems" thinking for personal goals.

I geek out on this stuff I could go on but that's enough for now.

@grips Right so the schoolwork is the easy part and the hard part is building and implementing a new mental framework. If you agree, at least you've identified the main task, which is a substantial step.

@grips I think you have anxiety. You are obviously smart. Getting an undergrad degree is not that hard for someone of your ability. I would focus on learning resilience.

"A great example of the problems with central planning/full blown industrial policy: 15 skyscrapers in China that were part of the Liyang Star City Phase II Project were just demolished after sitting unfinished for eight years due to no market demand."


They obviously haven't come for the trade unionists yet, so there is a few more layers to go before they get to me.

@lavaender ha. Well the fediverse is almost by definition a collection of extremists so I dunno about well-adjusted. Rational, I hope.

Norm also used his caustic wit to provide some of the funniest moments of talk show comedy, ever.

Here's a favorite clip: youtube.com/watch?v=lL0WayC7jW

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@lavaender Neither MSM nor Wikipedia are 100% accurate or 100% inaccurate.

There's nothing wrong with reading pretty much everything with reasoned skepticism until you get enough quality data points to draw a conclusion.

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