@sunspot Very interesting, I did not know that but you are right.

It makes me both relieved (left is less dominant than I thought, just more vocal) but also a bit cynical. Plenty of workers & customers don't like this woke marketing. I even know liberals that are sick of it. So these Republican CEOs are either afraid of their own workers or just don't care as long as they make profit.

Essay: Heirlooms

The boomers ate the seed crop. Generation after generation of our ancestors handed down an inheritance to their children. By doing, so they propelled their descendants to greater and greater heights. If you inherited your grandfather’s ax then you don’t need to make your own, and you can get down to the business of chopping wood and creating something. Society did this too. It was generations upon generations that created the music, architecture, art, values, and wisdom that we depend upon. Its part of why even if a civilization-building movement were to start in Africa its reach would be limited. They would have to build roads, schools, and customs before they could even begin to approach the west.

The boomers ate the seed crop. The grain that was to be used as seeds for the next year’s harvest is sacred and to be preserved. The boomers traded it for a 4-day cruise and a buffet pass. How many men born in 1955 have preserved the tools, weapons, homes, and virtues handed down to them from 1901? How many of them kept the gifts of their youth, so they could hand them down to you or your children? The factory-made crap they grew up using pales in comparison to turn of the century products, but they are miles above the garbage we can buy these days.

I was watching my daughter play with one of the three artifacts I have left from my great grandfather, a shoe brush. He fought in WW2 and did many remarkable things. My grandmother is the only living person left who can remember him, so when she dies all that will be left of him will be his medals, an ashtray, and a shoe brush. I can’t imagine the shame that I would feel if all that I could hand down to my great-grandchildren was a collection of knickknacks. All that my daughter will know of her great grandfather will be vague allusions to stories no one ever bothered to tell me. I can not follow his example as I don’t know it, none of his descendants ever will.

We have two duties. The first is to hand down things of value and teach that value to our children. I will give my children their grandfather’s entrenching tool, they will learn to use it and care for it. Not just what he owned, but what he did will be given to them. Not to sell, but to keep and steward for their children. When I purchase things from a bike to a knife, to a book, to a belt I can choose to acquire crap for myself or something of lasting value for my son.

I can, and will, choose to build an inheritance. I will do this on an individual and a collective level. We will hand down a church, a building, and a people. We will hand down a culture, with its own values, tales, heroes, and songs. We will hand down a community of friends and brothers. We will hand down gardens, support networks, recommendations, and embodied principles. I hope to teach my children the tales of their father and his friends, but also of all our forefathers.


The rates of mental illness have been rising as well, faster than the rates of heterosexuals despite higher rates of LGBTQ acceptance

Very liberal people are both more likely to be LGBT & more likely to suffer mental illness

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@sunspot Are an increasing number of executives really Republicans? What are the numbers? Why do we always hear about “woke capital” then?

@dave I have started actively muting more too, on here and on LinkedIn. I wonder if I would have not quit Facebook before if I started doing that earlier.

You have no obligation to let BS into your life or let maladjusted people, or people who don’t wish you well, waste any of your time.*

(*close family and or paycheck interactions excepted, obviously.)

@dave Yeah I’m far from a lib but this sounds so cheap. Just require employers to find leave if an employee has a certain amount of tenure. Boom. Done.

@curtis Nationwide vouchers for use at any school secular or religious that meets basic standards (sanitary, no abuse, minimal test scores). People would flee publics like rats leaving a sinking ship.

@cjd if 50% of people say they’d rather not bother and some of the rest start late, it’s not that hard for TFR to fall to 1.0.

Where I am, outside of my particular parish, people are like “WOW three kids!! How do you do it!!” If that’s normative, that culture dies out.

I also have increasing hope for my kids. The society is do obviously pozzed nowadays the case that the traditional path is the right one and the blue hairs are mentally ill gets easier to make every year.

@cjd The vax? I dunno we’ll see.

I think it’s probably mostly people not wanting to bother, trying too late (biological reality starts kicking in at 30, not 35 as commonly stated) and declining sperm counts due to things like microplastics.

I keep an open mind about most things so understand I may be proven wrong.

@cjd There was a time where I would have cared more about this but I’ve gotten sort of zen about it. It’s sort of like a signal of a civilization that has no will to live. Sad because Germans have given the world a lot, but empires and people pass away from time to time. It is what it is and will be a good lesson to those that remain about the existential dangers of secular progressivism.

@dave Price is governed by the SEC. 🤣 Love it!

The virgin “Gasoline is a publicly traded commodity whose price is governed by the SEC, and the sitting president has no control over its traded price. You’d know that if you weren’t a Trump supporting retard.”

Versus the chad “I did that” sticker

Today is a good opportunity to get a perspective on whether or not the online (and irl come to think of it) communities you're a part of are any good. If most people are celebrating, neutral, or even a mix of both, you're probably okay. If everyone is livid, it might be time to ask yourself why you're giving your time and attention to people who support something as evil and tragic as abortion.

I’m going through my LinkedIn right now and muting all the abortion people unless they are a critical business contact.

It’s a professional social network, I’m done with this BS where the woke emote but you can’t say anything or they’ll mob you and you’ll get taken to HR.

I’m not going to clutter up my professional page with politics stuff, but I’m also shutting the mic on these people. I’ve tried to be open minded but it’s not like that will ever be reciprocated. So cold civil war it is.

@neanderthalsnavel Apparently the opinion people are strong right while the reporter editors are woke lite and there are turf wars behind the scenes.

@mpjgregoire It’s hard to know. Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the result, sometimes the result is worse. I expect to find out by the end of the weekend that at least some churches were vandalized. Hopefully just graffiti but could be a lot worse.

It was very dangerous to release the opinion on a Friday in June. The Justices are very smart and I can’t imagine they didn’t think of that. Maybe they were just purists and thought they can’t adjust for that, or maybe it was even purposeful for some reason?

Moloch is seething tonight.

Prayers to the Justices and their families and that they and the law enforcement personnel protecting our churches & cities from evil this weekend.

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