@Tinyhouse4life @52fighters Pretty much everyone on that list is male (except I do also listen to Mikhaila Peterson from time to time), and I'd like to get suggestions for female podcasters to broaden the list out a bit.

@Tinyhouse4life @52fighters My favorites right now are:

Jordan Peterson
Rod Dreher (General Eclectic)
Aaron Renn (Masculinist -- but really it's intellectual analysis and rarely about specifically men's issues)

Others I have on the deck, which I just watch from time to time:

Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend
Jocko Podcast
Art of Manliness
Catholic Man Show
Daily Discipline
Bigger Pockets
Bishop Barron
Fr. Longenecker
Tim Ferris
Wall Street Journal What's News
Steve Turley, Turley Talks

There's a few others I listen to more rarely or are on the deck but I haven't tried out if you want a large list.

What about you? I like to have a bunch of different options and some of them I just then pick based on whose the guest, etc.

@George Man. That's a good reminder, especially today.

Job update: I agreed to take the new job. I should get an offer letter today or tomorrow, and then I'll tell my company Monday.

Stress levels down. I'm really excited!

It will be more work and more commute, but I can deal with the commute via podcasts, etc. and the work is going to be interesting and a great opportunity.

Now to get the offer letter, rip of the bandaid with the current employer and celebrate. 😎

@Tinyhouse4life @52fighters I used to watch him on Youtube and then stopped with the switch to Spotify. I may restart but there are plenty of other people who are independent and it's nice to support them instead.

Sometimes you need to push through your fear.

@pma05 LOL. I try to sync up cleaning with podcasts. That helps.

Good advice today from James Clear:

"We spend a lot of time talking about everything we have to do.

You have to finish 10 things at work. You have to exercise today. You have to cook dinner for your family.

Now, change one word in each sentence. You don’t “have” to. You “get” to.

You get to finish 10 things at work. You get to exercise today. You get to cook dinner for your family.

The right perspective transforms your burdens into opportunities."

@alexmcculley19 I think the hardest part is deciding on the time and then making a habit. If you are busy at work, the easiest time is morning or evening. Would one of those work for you?

I've got a good routine on weekends, I struggle during the week.

@alexmcculley19 @52fighters I will say that with working at home, it's great I'm accessible with the kids but sometimes I'm a zombie at dinner. They run up and grab me at 6pm, and usually my head is still spinning from working frantically all day.

I think the commute will be all-in door to desk about 50 minutes, with a short drive, a solid 30 minute subway ride and some walking. My plan is to load up on podcasts and audiobooks and use that for some me time. I've also got informal authority to work from home about once a week as long as we don't ink it in writing -- I gather it's frowned upon by "corporate" but my manager is open to it.

One weird aspect of the job is that the work I'll be doing is actually more cutting edge / complex than my titular manager. He's basically a longtime company employee with a ton of experience (mostly leasing / operations), and I've been brought on to do some specific things (real estate development). He'll be my manger because we're both lawyers, but I'll mostly be directly supporting the business unit.

I think I'm OK with it though. He seems like a nice guy and near enough to retirement that he'd be happy to let me run with things if that means no extra work for him, since he's got plenty of other things to do and a (small) team to manage.

The development sites are really cool, some of the best in our city, and with the raise I think I should be able to swing K-12 catholic schools and no-debt college for three kids. Which is an enormous investment but, for me, worth it.

@52fighters I think it will be a good fit. It is similar to what I do now, but private sector instead of government. My commute though will go up from a five minute drive to almost an hour.
Oomph. So it is not a costless decision.

@cyan Good reminder. I think it's OK to have political opinions, ideally informed by one's faith, but that its important not to make politics (or anything else) a false idol.

I think it was CS Lewis that also said that since a human soul is immortal, the fate of any one person's soul is more important than the fate of the Roman Empire. Because one will pass away and one will not.

Update: Just got a job offer that all-in (e.g., if I get the significant portion of the pay that is bonus-based) will be more than double my current job.

Interviews are so stressful. Aaaaaaaah.

Ok. Done. Round 4 of 4. Ooosh. Still, important.

Still not sure if I will get an offer or what it will be or if I will take it or anything.

I am going to make today an awesome day. So are YOU. 😎 Let's get to it!

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