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"It is true that the Church told some men to fight and others not to fight; and it is true that those who fought were like thunderbolts and those who did not fight were like statues. All this simply means that the Church preferred to use its Supermen and to use its Tolstoyans. There must be some good in the life of battle, for so many good men have enjoyed being soldiers. There must be some good in the idea of non-resistance, for so many good men seem to enjoy being Quakers. All that the Church did (so far as that goes) was to prevent either of these good things from ousting the other. They existed side by side........ Monks said all that Tolstoy says; they poured out lucid lamentations about the cruelty of battles and the vanity of revenge. But the Tolstoyans were not quite right enough to run the whole world; and in the ages of faith they were not allowed to run it."

- G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

If, six months ago, someone had gone on Facebook or YouTube to say even a fraction of what Stewart vehemently argued last night on CBS, they would have had their content deleted and perhaps even been banned from the platform.

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@grips 22? There should be a competition for who has managed to read the fewest Guardian articles.

Americans are keeping their cars longer. I think this is a good thing. It's better for the environment and less wasteful. My car is 11 years old and going strong, and the one before that lasted 19.

@mpjgregoire Yes, its terrifying but I'm also not sure of a sustainable solution.

Maybe. Strategically speaking, mutually assured destruction was tolerably stable in a bi-polar world. But the more parties have #NuclearWeapons, the easier it is for that deterrence to break down. If a nuclear bomb went off in Paris today -- God forbid! -- against whom should France/NATO retaliate in order to deter future bombings? It might not be obvious.

The point of the article from #ClaireBerlinski was that even if the Cold War was strategically stable, it was vulnerable to error.

@Newalzira @AndrewTheGreat @DrChris @MrDev I suppose spicy is relative.

Incidentally I like spicy food a lot, and typically ask for food like "Thai spicy" at Thai restaurants for example... which is still probably like white person Thai spicy but it's good enough.

Then again I am half-Hungarian and so we do have legitimate spicy stews, etc. But that's the steppe influence. Spicy food was generally not common in Europe until recently, which was a shame since its delish.

@Rooibos @Greenthumb1776 In my jurisdiction, I think the rule is that teachers will not tell parents if the kid "presents and trans." So the school will sneaky pretend their gender is different and not inform you of the issue. It's disgusting.

Glorification of the Reign of Urban VIII aka The Triumph of Divine Providence and the Fulfulment of her Ends under the Papacy of Urban VIII , complete work.

1633 - 1639
Pietro da Cortona

@rmaffeo Life is a constant struggle against sin. It's a good reminder we need to keep walking the best we can regardless.

@AndrewTheGreat @DrChris @MrDev I object to the bland comment. I think European cuisine on the whole is extremely varied and quite tasty. Its only spicy in a handful of places (Hungary, Sicily, maybe Spain), but there are lots of other unique flavors and dishes.

Rest of the list seems fine and probably explains a large part of why these cultures were so successful.

@joegrimer @watch4thedrop I'm guessing its a commentary on invasive tracking technology, etc.

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