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Every single person on earth, regardless of race, gender and creed, and regardless of political affiliation, sexual ethics, disabilities, etc. is made in the image and likeness of God.

Our pond is too small for motorboats. It rained yesterday so we had our 4th Regatta today. No politics, just a few neighbors and a little Patriotism

Your choices for today don't just matter for today. Your choices will create your habits and your habits will transform your life.

Have a GREAT day! 👍

Raymond Arroyo on Twitter: "The lack of mercy shown here toward traditional Catholics, Benedict XVI, and the young laity and clergy drawn to the Latin Mass is stunning. This will create the division that Francis claims to cure through this ill advised and destructive new law." / Twitter

A fairly moderate opinion...

#CatholicChurch #LatinMass

coming out | transitioning 

this coming fall, i am going to be transitioning from male to alpha male. i'm going to get my diet under control, and i am going to make time for gym in my schedule.

i know this comes as a shock for some of you, but i hope you guys will understand me. this is who i am, and it's something that's been on my mind for a while. if you don't agree with this decision, feel free to unfollow me. i don't have the space in my life for bigots.

The establishment is really effective at divide and conquer.

They will ban Catholic content, Catholics complain. They ban Palestinian opinions, Palestinians complain. They ban feminists, and feminists complain.

People need to unite and recognize that we can debate and disagree about all sorts of things, but the real danger to freedom is authoritarian elites who think they have some sort of legitimate right to control debate and censor, ban, harass, spy on, etc. people who contest that.

Beyond Apple, one of the worst examples is Google. All 5 of the companies in which the Pelosis trade most are Big Tech. Meanwhile, Google is among the top 5 donors to Pelosi's campaign coffers. She gets rich from Google. They drown her in cash. And she controls Big Tech laws.

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Don't worry though, there are options:

“I was informed that you might be interested in additional on-campus work opportunities,” said the message, viewed by the Journal. “We were contacted by the Office of President Bollinger who hires students for dog caretaking.”

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Look how big baby Louie is now! He will be three months older on the 20th!

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