I'm beginning to wonder if this is an authentic Catholic instance of Mastodon. Because the people I talk to on this server, always come to attack me and assume that I'm a bad person. And that's not a Christian attitude. Not to mention that they always try to misunderstand me in everything, and try to get me to answer wrong.

I had read that this was the modus operandi in which people in other instances of Mastodon operate, but I thought not here.

I'm disappointed.

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@DanielHuelsmann Daniel, to clarify, I do not assume you are a bad person. I think national socialism is a bad ideology. Good people can ascribe to bad ideologies. Their affirmation of bad ideologies doesn't change their essential character as human beings made in the image and likeness of God and equally as deserving as God's love as anyone else.

With respect to Mastadon itself, one of the great things about it is there are many different servers and each one has its own character. There are servers where you would be more accepted and servers where you would be less accepted. I don't think you've been attacked on this server -- disagreement is not attacking. In any event, I am just going to personally close the book on this subject. I wish you well.

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