I'm beginning to wonder if this is an authentic Catholic instance of Mastodon. Because the people I talk to on this server, always come to attack me and assume that I'm a bad person. And that's not a Christian attitude. Not to mention that they always try to misunderstand me in everything, and try to get me to answer wrong.

I had read that this was the modus operandi in which people in other instances of Mastodon operate, but I thought not here.

I'm disappointed.

@Columbkille That is how you see National Socialism. I am clear who is my God. And I worship no one but Him.

@George @jforseth210 @benis


@George Today, unfortunately, more and more people find the Cross of Our Lord, and Christianity, offensive. In my country, Spain, many crosses are being demolished because of this. But we Christians continue in our faith even if we have to suffer martyrdom. So also in the defence of the truth. If I am going to be persecuted for it here, I encourage you to tell me now; because I will never be silent in defence of the truth.

«and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.» Jesus Christ - John 8,32

@George I didn't start that conversation. And the term "Nazism" in reference to National Socialism is pejorative.

@jforseth210 @Columbkille @benis

@Columbkille I have read and heard the opposite. That National Socialism is a Christian movement. And I refer to authors like Pedro Varela and Léon Degrelle. And Adolf Hitler himself.


@jforseth210 The swastika is the symbol of my race, and was also used by Christians when we were persecuted by Rome. The colours Black, White and Red are the colours of the rightful German flag.

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)


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