"Human beings live both inside themselves and outside themselves. They live in those they love and in those who love them. We are relational. Only in and with others am I myself. But sin is the disturbance of relationship. Therefore sin is not restricted only to the individual. So in is always an offense that touches others, that alters the world and damages it."

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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Know someone with a brain injury? Here’s an approach to long term brain healing based on accessing God’s engineering. It’s what I’ve found works best for me and for hundreds of others I’ve worked with. May God startle you with joy! mindyourheadcoop.org/start-hea

My blogs are now hosted on write.as, which can auto publish to the fediverse (I think Mastadon is part of that?), so I’m puzzling out how that works now. @blog, @blog, and @blog

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May God startle you with joy!

Hello! I’m a Catholic husband, father, deacon, and author. You can read my full here:deaconpatrick.org/about-tptp


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