My blogs are now hosted on, which can auto publish to the fediverse (I think Mastadon is part of that?), so I’m puzzling out how that works now. @[email protected], @[email protected], and @[email protected]

Should I post these in my profile somewhere/how? I’ve a ludite, bumblink me way about here. Grin.

May God startle you with joy!

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Welcome to! Your blog looks to be off to a great start.

I am unfamiliar with but my first impressions are very positive. It looks to be from a group called "A Bunch Tell" and they have several federverse friendly services and open source apps.

I will take a look at how their integration works and get back to you. Probably, their setup/profile will just need an API key to your account. To get that, click the "gear" (upper left) then </>Development, then "New Application". At that point it will probably be confusing. I'll see if I can make a "do this then that" specific outline for you.

Deacon Patrick, OK I have checked it out. only works as a peer in the federation (as far as I can tell), not through an existing account. That means that people could follow you on and/or on your blog. by itself is not a replacement for, but complementary. Be sure to add your link to your profile (Edit profile -> Profile metadata).

To make your account something that can be followed in the federverse (separate from your normal account), you will need to enable that function in your profile. This page has more info:

Thank you, @George! I appreciate the give of clarity. May God startle you with joy!

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