@mikel Och, Aye! How we need to cultivate eyes of innocence, so we can see as God sees, not as the Pharisees and world see!

@Kymberly Beautiful! That same wild abandon of obedience is essential for all vocations: husbands and wives, all ordained, and all faithful. For Christ has entrusted us all to the pastoral care of one or more people, who have Christ’s authority over us.

Thanks, @George! makes sense. At best I qualify as a general user. Grin. WordPress is well beyond me, which is why I’ve gone ultra simple with WriteAs.

After reading this article, the idea of a Catholic publication in the Fediverse seems worth exploring, but I’ve no (zero) tech capability, just writing and conceptual capability (and that is highly debatable!). What might a Catholic publication in the Fediverse look like and what would it take to 1. create; 2. manage; 3. grow it?


@Kymberly Och! Aye. Humility is simple (and thus stunningly hard. Grin). Whatever I get wrong is my fault, whatever right is God’s fault. Grin. St. Paul is a great example of this, because wow, some of what he writes in his epistles seems stunningly arrogant in the eyes of the world, profoundly bold and humble in Christ.

At the moment of your conception, God breathed into you a unique breath that only you can share with the world. Humility deepens our faith, so we may come to know that breath in us and boldly breathe God’s breath into the world ... not hide it under a bushel. God made you to be exceptional, each of us, for God’s breath is exceptional, uniquely from everyone else. Be boldly humbly exceptional!

Last weekend, I braved a winter storm to go see Captain Marvel. I absolutely loved it, and I have a host of things I want to say about it. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't worry. I start off with a spoiler-free review. After that, there's a spoiler warning and a poster of Goose the Cat you'll have to scroll past before I get into any spoilers.

@geekycatholicdad A very thoughtful review. I tend to chalk all the super hero movies into entertaining Romane God wannabe theater ... Entertaining but not very revealing of much beyond the fallen world. Your review may help me enjoy them a wee bit more when I see them. Thank you. May God startle you with joy!

@Kymberly May the healing balm of Christ wrap you in his peace.
Hail Mary...

@mikel Thanks for the follow up! May God startle you with joy!

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