I'm finally divorcing MS, FB, Google. Could take a while to finally close all my other accounts. But I'm getting there. Installing on my PC has been fun, but it seems REALLY insistent that I not install software they don't like. Are all / projects this closed off?

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Welcome to!

FOSS projects really only agree on the benefits of free and open. The purity (lack of non-free and/or non-open) of software used in conjunction with it and the priority of privacy is often debated.

My own development environment is KDE Neon for OS, Vivaldi for browser and DuckDuckGo for search. But when I absolutely have to, I reluctantly use Win10 under VMware, Google and even (shudder) FB. I am very conscious then of the risks, but my use case is more than just personal communications.

In some ways this is like conversion -- always learning more, responding to the call to holiness and evangelizing. It's a narrow road traveled.


> Are all #opensource / #FOSS projects this closed off?

Some are more liberal in that regard than others. Haven't tried trisquel - I'm happy with Arch - but I'm not sure how could stop you from installing what you want, after it's up and running.

I gave up. Installed and then tweaked my router to stop Ubuntu from "phoning home." So easy to use.

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