My hot crypto take: I look forward to the day when it is of relatively stable value, such that it shifts away from an investment into a stable payment form, as originally envisioned.

“God desires not death, but faith; God thirsts not for blood, but for self-surrender; God is appeased not by slaughter, but by the offering of your free will.” - Saint Peter Chrysologus

Seems like winter lasted a long while in Chicagoland this time around. Hope it's thawed out where you are, and we actually get something resembling Spring!

One thing people don't always know about priests: Saturdays can be the busiest day, and Sundays are almost always the easiest.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

A beautiful Palm Sunday to one and all! The tone of both triumph and sorrow is my favorite thing about Holy Week. The deep poetry of the faith.

Hello local! I knew there had to be a Catholic instance out there somewhere. — a friendly social networking space for those with an interest in Catholicism.