and are on a tear, and outright removal of voices they disagree with. PRAGER U is the latest victim. This classy organization produces high-quality videos on topics very compatible with faithful Christian and Jewish perspectives. Always well reasoned and respectful. They are now suffering a classless shadowban on Facebook (NONE of their 3 MILLION followers saw Prager's last 9 posts).

Friends, the likes of us are not welcome there.

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@George I don't personally care for PRAGER U's materials, but the banning of "hate speech" has to stop. Let people harmed by speech sue the slanderers and defamers in court, then sites should ban them when they are convicted. (Seems like that's going to happen to Alex Jones soon.) But the selective suppression of speech that's going on now needs to stop.

@peepingThomist I agree, but it won't stop short of new legal regulation of some kind. Silicon valley tech is awakening to their immense power to shape the culture, much as the MSM previously did. Those looking not to be manipulated and desiring free speech will have to find new venues.

@George whatever happens, tech companies need to set up clear, objective standards for shutting off access to their services. But I don't use Twitter or Facebook, so I guess it doesn't much affect me.

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