No scandal could ever lead a truly faithful Catholic away from the Church. Christ and His Church are inseparable. He instituted only 1, we worship as He commanded, the sacraments still pour forth His grace, and although wounded, it is still a "saint making machine" like no other.

Rebecca Hamilton expressed similar thoughts in her piece for National Catholic Register (another source I highly recommend):

@George I'm cautious about proclamations like this. I'd like to believe I will never betray Jesus in the way leaving His Church would involve, but I also know betrayal is a real possibility, both for me and for everyone. Hamilton says she will "never" leave Jesus, but so did Judas. Let's all agree to pray to remain faithful!

The caution I see would be taking the gift of faith for granted. Our intention, determination and zeal must be steadfast lest it become lukewarm. The goal is heaven for ourselves and others, by responding to the call to holiness through continuous conversion. Leaving the Church must be understood as a giant step in the wrong direction. Judas represents the not truly faithful and we must not become him.

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