Announcing: light theme now offers a "light" theme for those who prefer that style. To change from the dark default, go to "Preferences" (the gear icon on the top left), then scroll down to "Site theme". Make your selection then click the "SAVE CHANGES" button at the bottom.

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For the techies...

This has been on my to-do list for a while. To complete it, my build pipeline had to change. is composed of 14 docker containers. Previously I derived a modified application image using the released one as the base. This change was just a bridge too far for that approach. The new process builds the image from scratch. It takes longer, but is a cleaner approach.

@George Thanks! Much easier on me eyes! Any chance the tone could be more sepia and less dusty purple?

Maybe down the road. BTW, I chose these colors in homage to the Kingship of Christ and in remembrance of His passion.

@George thanks, the lighter theme is better on my eyes.

Is it possible to customize the look in other ways? Specifically looking for a way to see more timeline on the page...

- the left-most and right-most columns don't scroll, and could be combined
- the notifications stream doesn't need to be open all the time.

All columns (including the rightmost) do scroll when they contain anything that doesn't fit.

The notification column can be unpinned. Click the controls on its top right "Show settings" icon, scroll to bottom, click unpin (it can be pinned too - as can other columns e.g. timelines).

Column controls on all columns are fairly flexible (including columns not pinned by default). It already does more than you probably know 😉.

This default interface functionality is somewhat expected in the Mastodon world so changing it could pose acceptance risk. Also, its implementation as a substantial JavaScript React app makes any design changes quite involved. The interface is fully mobile responsive, out-of-the-box (also worth noting).

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