Much of what is written about God's unconditional love is certainly true. Where it goes off the rails is the unsupported, unbiblical notion of what sin is, our response to it and our relationship to God.

This jumped out to me: "Sin matters enormously to us if we are sinners; it doesn’t matter at all to God." That is text-book presumption and a neon sign on the wide, well-traveled road to perdition.

@George I don't think he's intending it in that sense at all, but yes, if you interpret it that way, it's definitely incorrect. I think he means something more nuanced than that, and it makes sense in context. At least, to me it does. It's certainly not incorrect if the sins being referred to are already confessed and absolved.

@Kymberly You and I agree and perhaps that is the author's intent, but I doubt the average reader -- particularly if not well formed -- will come away with that.

There is a relationship to be understood. On one side is God's boundless, unconditional love and therefore His *offer* of forgiveness. On the other side is us and our response to that offer. The article doesn't address this.

God's mercy is not forced upon me. His glory is not only in His boundless mercy, but also in His justice. My response to Him is enabled only by His grace, but respond I must.

@George It actually dovetails neatly with today's Divine Intimacy reading on Sin, which I really should have read first.

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