Every faithful Catholic who follows Pope Francis knows the confusion he causes. That is an objective fact.

We also know of efforts ranging from begging him to clarify to more serious accusations.

Two things that surprised me today are (1) the most recent "open letter" has grown from 15 to 81 signatories and (2) the pope has now ignored (other than punishing those involved) *35* attempts to reach him.

(Non-Catholics: Christ's Church has suffered similarly in the past. Even so, it has survived 2,000 years through such internal and external problems by the protection of the Holy Spirit.)

@George Two good friends of mine seriously regard him as a sort of anti-pope (probably not the right word).
Off to the salt mines for me now though...

@gemlog @papa
Yea, I know that is out there but it is wrong and dangerous to believe him not to be the pope.

Not believing him to be a good pope is another matter. He clearly has modernist and political leanings which I would argue are at odds with our faith. In light of his refusal to ever clarify, one can only assume the frequent ambiguity is purposeful and doing a lot of damage to the Church.

We can only pray for him and that his successor will be bold, clear and restore what has been lost.

@George @gemlog @papa Living in the Church and the world as they are is penance for our unfaithfulness.

@George @papa As I said, probably not the right word. They seem to share your position pretty much. Just *very* vehemently.

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