On July 4th, reaches its 1 year anniversary!

Coincidentally, also happening this July 4th is the move of 1 million users to the federverse. We will be able to follow them and vice versa, just like all other ActivityPub sites. This is a big boost for free speech and in wrestling control from the oppressive tech giants.

It also provides much-needed balance to the anti-free-speech viewpoint of Mastodon developers.

@George So, what is the impact of this on us and other Fediverse instances, given the intolerance of the devs? Tusky already banned Gab. Who else? How can the Fediverse federate with all the banning?

It won't affect I have no plans to ban Gab. If Mastodon forces a ban, I will remove it from our instance. Should some clever way be found to make that alone insufficient and the workarounds too difficult (unlikely but possible), I would migrate us to the Gab code base which looks like it will have a lot more development behind it anyway.

All that said, of course there is speech I disapprove of on Gab. There is hateful speech that I disapprove of on too. Although their definition and mine of what constitutes "hate speech" is different. That is exactly why free speech is important.

In general, speech should not be regulated by those in control but by users (with few exceptions).

@George Agreed! Just curious. To me, it'll be more of an app issue; as Tusky banned Gab, I switched to Tootdon.

@sobercatholic @George Software banning content for ideology reasons is broken. It's not a software programme's job to parent it's users. The fediverse filtering bad content is no better than Apple banning nudity in anatomy apps.

@stefan @sobercatholic

This is the fruit of indoctrinating students as "socially responsible" activists. They have developed a "morality" anchored only in political ideology. As programmers they are completely certain it is their duty to censor and of the righteous in doing so. It is amazing how little they know (factually) of history.

Mastodon is a case in point. Supposedly anti-Nazi then later increasingly critical of free speech. Ironic as Nazi's were also strongly opposed to free speech.

@George There is a lot of junk on but there's less censorship. The worst thing going on is ANTIFA who are fascists who physically attack those who disagree with them. That sounds just like the Hitler play book. #gab

Antifa are text-book fascists. Their organized criminal behavior should be dealt with harshly - including not only the violent perpetrators but also the organizers. They are a criminal conspiracy in action.

As to junk on Gab, that is to be expected but should be no problem if users are given good tools to deal with it. User controlled blocks and filters for sure, but also means for the community to work together.

@George Yes. I'm learning to navigate mastodon better. I think it's a hoot that is still around and involved with They still have shell accounts!

@George No. they are not federating. not even showing global feed to their own users. supposedly, not even a local feed.

Interesting. Their announcement said it would be federated using ActivityPub. Maybe it is a staged thing.

In any event, we will get to see at least the initial version in a couple days (they said 7/4).

The normal local and federated timelines may not be sensible in their case with almost 1M users. They had said that they are adding groups.

ActivityPub provides for following. Timelines are up to the app and not intrinsic to federation.

@George couple things.
1) gab has less than 10K MAU. about 500 DAU.
2) torba lies about everything. it is literally a giant scam. he has been given $3MM to date and built nothing.
3) they are outrageously incompetent. they went masto b/c they couldn't bld antying themselves.
4) he will say one thing here and another on twitter to his "investors"

Thanks for the info, I was hoping it would be better than that. Ultimately their value may be only in raising the visibility of fighting censorship and encouraging federation.

Of course, the hostility to free speech shown by the Mastodon devs will make others (e.g. Parler) more hesitant to embrace federation. That blunder is a huge strategic error.

@George gab is a huge net negative for free speech. in every way. they give us all a bad name, strip funds from real projects and undermine valuable open source projects.

You should check out they keep very low profile but have the best tech on planet and have created a new system of federating.

disclaimer. i'm the founder of and

Thanks Derek. I am looking forward to exploring your site and its tech.

Haven't done much yet, but my OneWay profile is @George.

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