AOC crying at empty parking lot -- incessantly covered.

Town cleansed of Christians -- not news apparently. Especially not news because they were not killed by Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Falun Gong, Jews, or Trump supporters. Just the same old, same old . Here's a thought: does the left support the religion of peace so much because they were persecuting Christians long before it was fashionable?

@George these are very sad news. Nonetheless I would not blame the religion of Islam. There are 1.8B muslims around the globe. My barber and my tailor are muslins and I work with people from Arabia and Iran at my workplace. They are just as friendly and peaceably as most germans or americans. The attacks you mentioned were committed by idiotic fanatics. These are the same idiotic fanatics that burned heretics and witches and killed jews in medieval times.

I agree that it is a small minority percentage wise.

Unfortunately in absolute numbers it is not so small. My issue with the majority is that they at most weakly condemn this violence, if they say anything at all.

@George I think that's a matter of inner and outer perspective. Upright muslims don't feel responsible for an islamist attack, as I personally don't feel responsible for the Christchurch massacre. Moreover muslims would say, that most victims of islamist terror worldwide are in fact muslims. If we permit the islamist terrorists to drive a wedge between christians and muslims, they will reach their goal.

@George The same could be said about police brutality and use of excessive force, for example. It's definitely a minority causing the problems, but the majority refuse to condemn them.

It's not a perfect analogue, since by and large [one would hope that] police officers don't actually wish harm on innocents, but also has important parallels as well (including the view held by the minority that in certain groups there are no true innocents, only either current or future offenders).

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