Speaking of same old, same old...

The new Fascists (along with their "sympathizers"), using the very best Orwellian doublespeak call themselves "ANTI-fascists".

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That's way I'm an independent. I lean left but I have seen way to much stupidity from both extremes. Way too many "SJW" becoming the very thing they hate.

FWIW, I differentiate between liberal and left. I usually disagree with liberal but respect (and sometimes share) the viewpoint.

Leftists are something else, none of it good and generally very very dangerous. It amazes me how normalized they have become. It also amazes me how they have infiltrated and apparently seized the Democratic party with so little internal push-back.

@George @mrojo I would differentiate leftists even further between communists (authoritarian), anarchists (anti-authoritarian) and social-democrats. Social democracy is (in contrast to the other two) supporting market economy and has a long tradition in Europe.

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