People are less fooled than they once were by "left-wing truth moderators". These self-appointed sentinels of what one should believe have been shown repeatedly and consistently to be strongly biased. It's best to disregard them out-of-hand.

The "Bee" looks at how Snopes would "fact check" Holy Scripture:

Larry Elder gets "fact checked" by Politifact:

This is just 1 example of their MO. Notice they disprove a strawman. Notice they outright admit he was right in 3 out of 4 of the claims they chose to "check". Notice on the 4th he was wrong to use an absolute, but by far mostly correct. Politifact did not even find the statements to be "mixed" (they were overall, absolutely true except for some nitpicking). Nope, they found his statements as a set to be FALSE.

Were he making statements in support of the leftist narrative, the bias would swing the other way (i.e. they could have been 99.9% lies but would have been found to be "mixed").

@George I REFUSE to read anything with "babylon" in the name! Disgusting satanic imagery does not belong on my feed. Consider yourself blocked and prayed for.

@George They're not for YOU. They're for ME because I had to be exposed to your demonic symbols.

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