St. Ignatius: "When the devil wants to attack anyone, he first of all looks to see on what side his defenses are weakest or in worst order; then he moves up his artillery to make a breach at that spot."

Fr. Arturo Sosa: "The devil exists as a symbolic reality, not as a personal reality."

Fr. Sosa is the superior general of the Jesuits, the "black pope", numero uno, entrusted with St. Ignatius' legacy.

The Jesuits have an amazing history. Modern Jesuits seem to be divided. Some are truly awesome, faithful men. Others appear to be heretical or nearly so and sow dangerous confusion.

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@George That is so true. The Jesuits are taking a lot of flack now, and deservedly so. But it has been my good fortune to know a few who were/are truly excellent men and priests.

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