NY Cardinal Dolan would give Biden the Blessed Sacrament. Of course, Biden is manifestly and publicly not in communion with the Church. His reception is hugely scandalous and sacrilegious. To offer him the Eucharist lacks courage, is a pastoral failing and violation of Canons 915 and 916.


@George The problem with high-handedly denying communion to anyone: how do you (the priest) know about the believer's devotion to god? If the apparent (mortal) sinner went to confession anywhere yesterday, how will you know?

There is always a very remote chance the priest may be wrong. He need not make a scene and the person denied could approach him privately after Mass.

However, the chance of causing scandal by giving communion to one who is so publicly and for so long in opposition to the Church is almost 100%. That has serious consequences for the whole Church.

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