You should already have zero faith in the mainstream media. If not, that rock you are living under has certainly shielded you from reality!

The Associated Press, once a respected wire service feeding current events to thousands of newspapers, has taken to relentlessly bashing the Catholic Church. You see, as long as we are not woke on abortion, gay "marriage", gender identity, etc. we must be cancelled.

See this summary of AP's efforts in December alone:

Informed by the media, you might think that the Catholic Church is uniquely different than every other institution - all other churches, all schools, boy/girls clubs, scouts, sports teams, and especially every public school.

It isn't. It is terrible that not everyone in the Church lives by its teaching. The same evil that infests the world spills over here too.

It is highly disingenuous of AP, not finding current salacious failures, to recycle old ones again and again and again to support a false narrative.

People who dig a little outside the MSM can easily find the facts.

Actually im informed by the prosecution service who have pressed charges against so many priests its laughable to think anyone is posing them in a negative light when they are doing that so well themselves. lets also not forget how much the church liked the Nazis. Catholicism is just as much a cancer as the media there is no false narrative just deluded people believing the churches shit.

I think we agree that this should not happen ever in any setting, especially the Church.

However, proper studies such as one by the US Department of Education found "the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests."

That was in 2004. Since that time the Catholic Church has made a lot of structural changes to prevent sexual abuse at all and to detect and report it when it does occur. Other institutions have done much less (or nothing) so the disparity has only increased.

None of this excuses even 1 priest from such atrocious behavior. However, the picture painted where this is common is absolutely wrong and a manipulation of public opinion.

@George @blackfireburns I have no problem with the media or anyone going after predator priests. What bothers me is they don't go after predator anyone else. Predator pastors, predator teachers, predator actors, predator rabbis, predator politicians, predator imams, predator doctors, predator lawyers... let's get them all...

Also funny that these priests always seem to be a particular problem right around Christmas and Easter...

@blackfireburns @mikel
Very interesting. I was not aware that Mormons had confession.

The news story has several twists, including the reporting by a pharmacist who is a legally mandated reporter.

This would not matter for Catholics. Were any lay person (including one who is otherwise a mandatory reporter) to overhear a (Catholic) confession, they are bound by the seal of the confessional just as the priest is. To disclose what they heard to anyone would make them subject to excommunication.

This is crucial to protect the sacrament. Violating this would not ultimately help law enforcement (because those guilty of serious crimes would not confess them; maybe even be counter productive) and would seriously damage the sacrament.

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