The conflict about the priestly celibacy saddens me. So many years of discussions, books and articles and there is no useful true conclusion.

My take is that celibacy is an contingent characteristic of priesthood: most of Jesus' disciples were married, and married persons are also called to devote their entire being to God just as priests do. The way to fulfill this vocation is different, but the same way priests and married people share praying practices (everyone is encouraged to pray the liturgy of the hours ), they may also share family practices.

I just wanted to share my opinion, what do you think?

Interesting turn of events

"I can confirm that this morning, at the indication of the Pope emeritus, I asked Cardinal Robert Sarah to contact the publishers of the book requesting them to remove the name of Benedict XVI as co-author of the book itself, and also to remove his name from the introduction and conclusions".

"The Pope emeritus in fact knew the Cardinal was preparing a book”, Archbishop Gänswein added, “and had sent a short text of his on the priesthood”, authorizing the Cardinal to use it as he wished. But the Pope emeritus “had not approved any project for a co- signed book, nor had he seen and authorized the cover. It was a misunderstanding, without questioning the good faith of Cardinal Sarah".

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It is a fine point. Apparently there was some miscommunication from what I read (cover, title, etc. were sent but perhaps not seen).

BXVI wrote chapters and approves being identified with them, but does not want to be formally listed as co-author. I can only guess that he does not want to imply endorsement of any chapters he did not personally author.

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