When the Wuhan virus hit, we were unprepared (partly because the Chinese Communist Party had kept it hidden).

A couple weeks of floundering should be expected. We floundered for far too long.

Applying an extended (and unconstitutional) house arrest on society was lunacy. It was a case of treating one thing and killing the patient. Experts in viruses have a narrow, narrow focus. So much more should have been considered. The price for this will be paid for decades.

Also quite clear is how some have used (and continue to use) this as a pretext for their political agenda. They state this publicly so this is not conjecture.

Our bishops sadly, deferred far too much to others over their own ecclesial office.

@George I see this as a dress rehearsal for what will ultimately be the fulfillment of the end time prophecies regarding a one-world government and a one-world leader, St. John calls the antichrist. How Christians who have a working knowledge of Scripture are missing this is stunning to me.

@George I'm going to disagree in part. General lock-down was a reasonable policy to get control of the situation, particularly when so little was known about the transmission, lethality and treatment of #covid19. Furthermore, much of the decline in business was the choice of individuals and would have occurred even without lock-down policies.

Now is the time for more targeted and specific policies.

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