We Catholics believe in the equal human dignity of all people, so of course we believe that black and every other life matters. We mean it. It is not virtue signaling.

The radical left wing political organization "Black Lives Matter" is something else. Kudos to them for picking that name, even though the their actions and statements belie their true purpose.

The horrific black murder rate in Chicago does not show on their radar. Neither does the holocaust of black baby abortions. According to candid statements made by their leadership, their purpose is to defeat Trump in November.

Looking at statistics, last year police killed (with mostly indisputable justification) 235 black people while more than double that (528) whites and Hispanics were killed by police. According to the FBI, police are 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black person than an unarmed black person killed by police.

In broader white vs. black statistics, the FBI has also released the following:

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