"Judas was the first Catholic Bishop to accept a government grant." -- Peter Kreeft

Crisis Magazine has a thoughtful piece today entitled "Defund the USCCB". Francis Lee reflects on the USCCB's growing dependency on government funding. I agree with that, but honestly, the far larger problem is the USCCB's frequent, unnecessary and wrong engagement in partisan politics - almost always heavily slanted left.

They do not serve the Church in these statements and actions, but rather actually harm her by undermining trust in our shepherds.

At the sight of the crowds, his heart was moved with pity for them because they were troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd. -- Matthew 9:36

@George the problem is also that the USCCB is getting money from the Government by the millions. If we as Faithful Catholic stop giving the government and some of the others organizations that are giving will not stop. Sadly I feel the USCCB has become a Political slated part of the Church or at least the majority. There are some good Bishop out there still. What are your thoughts?

There are some superb, holy bishops for sure. I take to heart what they teach.

Their number is slowly dwindling however, so overall our shepherds are drifting away from timeless truth and into leftist activism. Some areas are much better (Africa) while some are much worse (Germany).

The cost of this is souls lost who would have been saved by faithful leaders responsive to their calling with eyes focused on Our Lord.

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