My Catholic grandfather died earlier this year. My family graciously has passed the family Bible on to me. I am beyond grateful

So this Bible, published by Hawthorne in 1958, contains the Douay translation (from the Latin) of the Old Testament and the Westminster Version of Sacred Scripture (translated from critical Greek texts) of the New Testament.
That is one odd combination. The Westminster text is so obscure I can barely find any information on it besides it being a Catholic translation of the entirety of Scripture undertaken in Westminster from Westcott and Hort's critical Greek text.
Anyone here know anything about the WVSS or why this Bible would mix and match the two translations?

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From poking around online, it appears that the WVSS is only NT created with the intent of updating to then current English vernacular (early 20th century). I suppose they needed to choose something for the OT to publish a complete Bible.

CNA lists WVSS as a private, unofficial Catholic Bible.

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@George I figured that the WVSS was NT only but then I found a couple of lists that included it as “entire Bible” (that could be incorrect)

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