What does it mean to follow Christ? He told us at His ascension simply "to observe ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER I have commanded you (Mt: 28:20). Not some things (that don't conflict with our fallen desires). Nor "the important core things", the incredibly tiny set of beliefs actually shared by different denominations. These are rationalizations to NOT follow Christ's clear, direct commandment.

Our Savior is the way, the truth and the life. Zeal for a tiny sliver of that, while heartfelt, is not the same as observing *ALL* things whatsoever Christ commanded us. So, what's the plan when we die and meet Jesus? Is it to plead ignorance of the truth? Some other excuse? Is there any chance He will be fooled?

Vanessa has a good piece on the topic of the Church as ONE. It is indeed one and only one, but there are communities that have broken-off teaching only smaller and smaller subsets of what Christ commanded -- or worse, teaching straight-up and extremely dangerous errors. If you are able to step back and give this some reflection, thank the Holy Spirit.

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