Fr. Mike Schmitz with Ascension Press is offering a "Bible in a year" podcast (free). It has just begun so NOW is a great time to join in!

The structure is following Jeff Cavins' popular Great Adventure Bible Timeline.

Fr. Mike will the entire Bible, cover to cover. Each day will begin with Father reading 2 or 3 scripture passages totaling approximately 10-15 minutes.

Ascension Press has additional (mostly free) supporting materials on their website. A good place to start is with their FAQ:

BTW - the podcast itself is available on a wide variety of channels. If you listen to podcasts now, it is probably available by whatever means you use.

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@benis That's a good question. As far as I can tell, it is not on YouTube. It *is* available widely via various podcast streams so whatever application / service folks use it is probably there.

It is also available online via a browser at the link I included ( -- and maybe others too).

I distrust Google (a lot), but recognize many folks look to YouTube for streaming media at least for now. I hope this podcast will be offered there for their benefit.

@jforseth210 Thanks Justin, I had not seen this. I knew the Fr. Mike has become the most popular Catholic podcaster (he has several podcasts), but not this early success of the Bible in a year one.

ChurchPop is part of EWTN. You can trust EWTN's orthodoxy.

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