(Mk 6:34-44)
When he disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.

By now it was already late and his disciples approached him and said, "This is a deserted place and it is already very late. Dismiss them so that they can go to the surrounding farms and villages and buy themselves something to eat."

He said to them in reply, "Give them some food yourselves." But they said to him, "Are we to buy two hundred days' wages worth of food and give it to them to eat?"

He asked them, "How many loaves do you have? Go and see." And when they had found out they said, "Five loaves and two fish."

So he gave orders to have them sit down in groups on the green grass. The people took their places in rows by hundreds and by fifties.

Then, taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he said the blessing, broke the loaves, and gave them to [his] disciples to set before the people; he also divided the two fish among them all. They all ate and were satisfied. And they picked up twelve wicker baskets full of fragments and what was left of the fish.

Those who ate [of the loaves] were five thousand men.

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@George "his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd..."
Thank you George for reminding me of the heart of Jesus; his love, his compassion and his mercy. Always ready and willing to help us.
I shut off my internet and tv after last election. I went straight to the Bible and prayed looking for comfort and understanding. Happy to proclaim "I found it!" Jesus' love and God's love was revealed to me profoundly. My life will never be the same. Now when dealing with others and get triggered to shoot back, the Holy Spirit always reminds me of the verse in Titus 3:3-6 "At one time, we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures...But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us...because of his mercy."
The joy I have, I wish for everyone. And that joy came from my decision to stop being offended by everyone and everything. When that happened, love came right thru. Now many Bible verses have taken on a whole new meaning. The Bible is never boring. It truly is alive.

@christine Well put! I too disconnected from close political coverage after the election. I know the impact it will have on the unborn, reversing the gains for life and unleashing an expanded holocaust upon innocent. However, this is in God's hands and I trust in him.

Obsessing on the problems, severe as they are, distracts us from the abundant blessings we have been given. It focuses us on the "now" and not the eternal. It is exactly what Satan wants. It is a trap!

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