It is not overly dramatic, or even particularly insightful, to foresee the coming coordinated attack on authentic Christianity. TBH, there is no way one could be (truly) Christian and buy into the extreme leftist ideology of the oligarchs running much of social media. The rest of us would be wise to disassociate ourselves from them ASAP.

How do you know which side you are on? Consider these questions:

1. How many genders are there?
2. Is abortion a difficult choice?
3. Do you believe in natural law?
4. Is marriage a life-long union of a man and a woman?
5. Who is Jesus Christ?

I hope your answers to yourself clears up any confusion.

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@George This attack has been decades in the making. Truly we are in the great apostasy.


1. Exactly two.
2. It isn't a valid choice at all.
3. Yes.
4. Yes.
5. The second person of the Holy Trinity, God & man, the savior of mankind who died for my sins.

@George I get where you are coming from but it is difficult for many Catholics to discern what the church truly believes because so many priests and dioceses promote "cafeteria catholicism." My church and my diocese in NYC area for so long now has promoted that ideology. Couples living together are not supposed to be married in the church. Some priests will not perform the ceremony. My priest always says, "Absolutely, I will. When they have kids then they will come back to church." Many years ago St. Patrick's Day was on a Friday during lent. Our diocese said Catholics can eat corned beef that Friday. I asked a nun in my parish why is it so. She said St. Patrick is the patron saint of NY therefore it's ok. So I said, "It's ok for NYers to eat meat but not those in NJ & CT? She did not respond and walked away.
The Catholic Church stops teaching after Confirmation! Catholics are often left as sheep without a shepherd into adulthood. I just was fortunate God came for me at age 35.

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