For those seeking a good fish sandwich (at least for fast foods), there are a number of options this year. Two things jump out at me from this Catholic World Report:

1. Popeye's is the best in the reviewer's opinion.
2. Chick-Fil-A no longer cares.

FWIW - While I was once a big supporter, I no longer go to Chick-Fil-A (ever). They have betrayed our trust, backed away from living Christian ideals in the face of opposition, and seek to appease the woke mob. Truett Cathy would be appalled.

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@George Chick Fil A has, I agree with you, proven their cowardice in the face of what they call opposition. They have chosen to serve mammon than the Savior.

@George Jack in the Box is the only place that has a fish sandwich in my area (as far as fast food goes), but you couldn't pay me to eat that LOL

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