It has to be done at the source level as it is hard-coded.

In app/validators/poll_validator.rb change MAX_OPTIONS to the desired number.

In app/javascript/mastodon/features/compose/components/poll_form.js change the <button> element's attribute from
disabled={options.size >= 4} to match whatever you set MAX_OPTIONS to.

Of course, some process is necessary to keep your local changes synchronized to new upstream releases. A git fork would work for this kind of change (I have a more customized build system for

Hope all that helps.

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@George Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for. I already have changed the character limit and bio description length limits, I was just wondering where the poll information was found.

I currently don't have a good method of managing new releases with this. I just do git stash, pull, git stash apply, and then I fix the resulting mess. Haha.

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