Unlike the other COVID vaccines, the new Johnson & Johnson one is morally compromised having been derived from cell lines of aborted children.

All people of good conscience should AVOID THE J&J VACCINE.

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The article notes:

The National Catholic Bioethics Center affirm that though there was some lab testing that utilized the abortion-derived cell line, the two vaccines currently available from Pfizer and Moderna do not rely on cell lines from abortions in the manufacturing process and therefore can be morally acceptable for Catholics as the connection to abortion is extremely remote," the archdiocese's statement read.

Note that the National Catholic Bioethics Center and the linked article from the National Catholic REGISTER (part of EWTN) are both highly reliable sources. (I capitalized Register to stress not the similarly named "reporter" which is highly untrustworthy.)

More details from the NCB are here:

@George The Pfizer and Moderna mRna vaccines are failed cancer drugs they are repurposing for use against a 99% survivable illness. They are being pushed by the same people that created AZT to cure AIDS, but just ended up killing people faster. I would personally not recommend ANY of the "vaccines" for this illness.

I hate to disagree with the Catholic church in this area, but if that is their argument against the J & J vaccine, then we shouldn't be getting the MMR vaccine either..

@JstewsMole I understand. The message I was trying to convey is, regardless of our prudential choice to get or not get one of these vaccines, the J&J vaccine is immoral and should not be considered period. It should be rejected out-of-hand.

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